Why Self-Love is the key to Abundant Living

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In the personal growth arena, many experts talk about self-love. However, some fail to explain its true importance or full potential when it comes to manifesting our deepest desires in all areas of our life. So, today I thought I would take this opportunity to explain why self-love is so important and provide you with a valuable opportunity to embrace this knowledge and apply it to yourself, in order to ensure 2017 is blessed with abundance, purpose and happiness.

First of all, I believe its important to understand about the Law of Vibration. This universal Law has scientifically proven that everything in the Universe, including you is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. So, with that in mind, I would like you to also be aware that your emotions vibrate at different frequencies too. Put simply, the more positive the emotion e.g. love, the higher the vibrational rate. The more dense or negative the emotion e.g. anger, the lower the vibrational rate.

So that covers your emotions, but what about your thoughts? Well your thoughts also have varying frequencies on a vibrational scale. Your emotions are not independent of your thoughts but an extension of them. In simple terms, you experience an emotional response to your thoughts, so therefore your thoughts influence your vibrational rate. With these facts in mind, I would like you to consider how your sense of ‘self’ influences your vibrational rate in terms of how you:

  • think about your ‘self’
  • perceive your ‘self
  • outwardly talk about your ‘self’ to others
  • inwardly talk about your ‘self’ to yourself

I invite you now to consider your personal thoughts and feelings about your ‘self’.

  • Physically – What do you see when you look in the mirror?
  • Mentally – What do you think about yourself?
  • Emotionally – How would you describe yourself?
  • Skills – List your top 5 skills?
  • What do you dislike about yourself?
  • What do you like about yourself?
  • How do you believe others perceive you?

Notice is you were comfortable answering the above questions or did you feel any discomfort within your body. What do you observe about your responses? were you’re answers  predominantly positive or negative? These types of simple exercises are important and provide valuable insights into our subconscious and uncover if we truly love ourselves unconditionally.

The thoughts and feelings that you experienced whilst thinking about the above questions, influenced your personal vibrational rate in that moment. That is because your vibrational rate is not static but alters depending on what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing. This is why it is important to embody self-love in all areas of your life, if you wish to manifest abundance, purpose and joy in all areas of your life. For example, if you do not fully love the way you look, are happy in your skin and value what you have to offer someone, then how are you going to experience an authentic, loving, respectful partnership? If you do not acknowledge or value your skills and abilities, then how can an employer or client see your worth? On a vibrational level this is called the Law of Cause and Effect; every effect you witness or experience in your physical world has its origin in your inner or mental world. This universal Law works in unison with the Law of Attraction which operates on the basis of ‘like attracts like’ in energetic terms.

So how does this all relate to self-love. Well, if you experience a low sense of ‘self’ and low level of self-love on a subconscious and/or conscious level, then you vibrate at a corresponding frequency. This over time, can outwardly manifest as the following experiences:

  • relationships which lack connection, unconditional love, respect, are diminished of joy and harmony, confrontational and that do not acknowledge your true worth or value.
  • a career which is stressful and where you are overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, feel isolated, lack passion, struggle for work-life balance and do not utilise your skills to their maximum potential.
  • poor health where you consistently feel lethargic, experience illnesses, allergies and other complaints.

However, when you experience a solid sense of self, stand in your true authority and reclaim your divine power, with TRUE SELF LOVE, then manifestation magic happens! From a place of self-love and increased vibration, you can readily manifest into your life:

  • Relationships which are pure, authentic, heart felt and connected with whom you are fully appreciated, loved, cherished, valued and respected.
  • A career that ignites your passion, where you are on purpose and which fully embraces and utilises your skills/ abilities, in a way that you feel appreciated, valued, respected and fulfilled.
  • Health and wellbeing, so that you can fully enjoy and embrace all that life has to offer.

So, if you wish to experience abundance in ALL areas of your life, be mindful that self-love is the path to take you there. Each and every day take small steps to increase your self-love, starting with today. Just for today … be kinder to yourself, acknowledge your achievements no matter how small, show self-appreciation and last but not least … love your flaws as thats what makes you YOUnique!

Helen Courtney

Self-Realisation Expert and creator of the 7 Step System ‘Living the Abundant You’

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Achieving your goals in 2017


The christmas festivities and New Year celebrations have drawn to a close and its back to normal life, whatever that may mean for each and every one of us. At this time of year, some people set New Years Resolutions whilst others leave life to chance.

The truth is though, that we are powerful manifestors and have the ability to create an abundant life emotionally, in our relationships, career, health and wealth. That is why each year I choose to set Abundance Goals!

Over the years I have tried and tested many techniques and methods which have promised that I would manifest the life of my dreams. Through practice, meditation and divine guidance, I now have a powerful method which works for me, my clients and my students. Setting Abundance Goals has become an important part of my new year ritual, so I have invested much time, thought and energy over the past few days defining what I would like to achieve this year. I am curious how many of you set goals each year and if so, how you go about it?

I believe, life doesn’t just happen by chance. With some thought, planning and manifestation techniques, we can all create a 2017 that we are proud of.

Here are some areas that you may wish to consider when setting your 2017 goals:

1. Personal goals
2. Relationship goals
3. Friendship goals
4. Wellness goals
5. Career goal
6. Giving Back goal

Happy goal setting! Would love to hear what goals you will be working on this year.

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